Hello hackers, welcome to the world of a new Era. zkSync Era is welcoming developers to explore solutions with the following. We want you to have the freedom to work on what’s meaningful for you and to bring you closer to your target group of your users with the zkSync Era tech.

<aside> 💡 We require all the challenges submitted for the zkSync track to be deployed on the zkSync Era testnet.


Onyx SSI SDK x zkSync AA Open Track

This is an open track in collaboration with the Onyx SSI SDK and zkSync Era’s account abstraction. Please go ahead and learn about the SDK here:

Wallets & Smart Accounts + Paymasters

<aside> 💡 Leveraging the Onyx SSI SDK


With wallets and smart accounts, you can develop and showcase a wallet that takes full advantage of zkSync Era's account abstraction native implementation.

Examples: This could mean creating a wallet with novel recovery methods, advanced access controls, enhanced privacy measures, or automated features. For example, a wallet might use social recovery methods (trusted friends and family) instead of a seed phrase. Or, a wallet could automate or group certain types of transactions, such as yield harvesting in DeFi, or include privacy features like optional transaction obfuscation.


All smart contract accounts must implement the IAccount interface from zksync-contracts.

Accounts must be deployed to the zkSync Era testnet or locally (see local testing info in resources).