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Who we are

Founded by seasoned software architects and backed by top-tier investors such as a16z, Blockchain Capital, and Union Square Ventures, Matter Labs is the core team behind zkSync Era.

zkSync Era is a Layer 2 zkEVM designed to scale blockchains like the internet. With zkSync Era, it’s trivial for EVM projects to take advantage of high-speed, low-cost transactions with the same security guarantees as Ethereum.

Over 200 ecosystem projects across DeFi, NFTs, games, privacy, and DAOs have registered their interest to deploy on zkSync Era. See our full list of ecosystem projects.

Why we’re here

Freedom drives progress and prosperity. The mission of zkSync is advancing personal freedom for all**.**

As the most Ethereum-aligned L2, every technical decision for zkSync Era is judged against the principles of trustlessness, security, reliability, censorship-resistance, privacy-preservation, hyperscalability, accessibility, and sovereignty.

This could take years, but we’re all in it for the long haul.

Matter Labs Team Handbook

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